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Bridging the gaps: The role of simulation in interventional radiology training

Andrew Kesselman, MD and Ronald Winokur, MD, FSIR  |  Summer 2020 IR Quarterly

A major challenge at many academic teaching hospitals is providing a balance of trainee hands-on experience and education while maintaining patient safety and confidence in their providers. In addition to procedural education challenges, the evolution of new interventional procedures or techniques requires a learning curve for experienced practitioners to gain skill and confidence. A similar challenge exists in low- to middle-income countries where a lack of skilled practitioners and resources can limit the widespread availability of interventional radiology services.

Incorporating simulation into education can bridge the gaps in trainee procedural training, reduce the learning curve for new procedures and allow access to hands-on training in areas of the world where it is otherwise difficult to gain technical skills. Many of these challenges have been highlighted during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which may open the door to broader inclusion of simulation in IR training programs.

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